News Archive - February 2020

Migration Committee Says UK Work Permit Full Points System is No Good

05 Feb 2020 | Carl Thomas

The MAC group in the UK has rejected the idea of shifting the UK work permit structure to a full points immigration system. The group recently published detailed research which indicates what the reformed immigration system may look like after the freedom of movement is ended for EU nationals.

The Conservative party in the UK promised to switch up UK visas by introducing an Australian-style system for the control of immigration numbers. This strategy was one of six guarantees listed on page one of the group’s manifesto. However, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has dismissed the notion of this points-based system – saying that it’s too vague to be realistic.
Instead of focusing entirely on points-based systems to replace or upgrade the tier 2 work permit, the advisory committee recommend using a mixed system.

This new system would require a threshold of a minimum salary for people who are coming into the UK with a pre-existing job offer. Additionally, talented individuals would also have the opportunity to apply for a UK work permit using the points system.

The committee’s recommendations are intended to help with the goal of reducing immigration levels, and UK population numbers. The changes will also help to reduce pressures on schools, NHS and social housing, however there could be an increased pressure on social care. Despite recommendations from the migration committee, downing street has said that it’s unlikely to make any notable changes to its immigration plans as a result of the new report.

The committee’s reports come from being asked by home secretary Priti Patel to research how an Australian-style points based system would work after Brexit. However, the group believes that if the government wants a points-based system, it should only be introduced for skilled workers who want to come to the UK without a job offer.