News Archive - January 2020

Ministers Relax UK Work Permit Rules for Polo Teams to Keep the Queen Happy

07 Jan 2020 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Reports suggest that in the midst of all the concerns around the UK work permit and visa opportunities for migrants after Brexit, there could be one professional that will continue to safely enter the UK.

During 2016, the Home Office in the UK suspended a rule that allowed polo teams to employ foreign workers without a standard UK work permit during the season. The Home Office feared that the rule was being used to allow more low-skilled migrants into the country.

However, the Home Office has since struck a deal with Polo clubs around the company, to let around 500 horse groomers into the country each year after they were warned that sticking to the typical tier 2 work permit rules would cripple the sport.

The exemption was granted only days after the Home Secretary of the time, Amber Rudd, had a discussion about the topic in 2017. The Queen was apparently very passionate about making sure that polo players and other crucial employees could continue to get into the country to keep the game going strong.

A former official has also suggested that ministers have gone above and beyond to make sure that they addressed concerns issued by Buckingham Palace about the lack of Polo players allowed into the country. These reports have led to a number of questions and arguments from people who are concerned that other more crucial professionals are not getting enough support to enter the country.

Although the rules regarding UK work permits are set to change very soon, allowing for more nurses, doctors, and other crucial professionals to enter the country, there are still a number of people who are very concerned about the rules that are in place for UK visas and immigration. The fact that that the Home Office has gone above and beyond to address the Queen’s concern, but not the needs of the general public has incited anger among a number of think tanks and other groups.