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New UK Immigration Bill Could Cost Employers £1bn in Red Tape

18 Feb 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The government is currently facing concerns about UK visas once again, after announcements about a recent bill for the immigration policy. The policy has been slammed as an expensive mistake by think tank "Global Future." According to the group, a new UK work permit regime will suck money away from already cash-strapped hospitals.

A report from Global Future noted that the new Immigration UK Whitepaper might even lead to a new version of the "Windrush" scandal. It's likely that many of those applying for UK visas will find themselves in limbo regarding the validity and status of their citizenships. Global Future also noted that if the work permit UK paper is approved, it could lead to a shortage of nursing and social care staff of 100,000 people.

The main concern facing the think tank is the government's £30,000 threshold for those applying for tier 2 work permit and similar visas. The limit could leave millions of the vulnerable people throughout the UK without nurse and care support. The study also suggested that the new whitepaper on UK visas would lead to an £80 million barrier against EU students hoping to study at local universities.

Although Global Future said that the whitepaper features some sensible ideas, they feel that overall, it's not the way that the country should be going. The UK visas system change would lead to a more complicated immigration system that could harm the prospects of the UK health sector in the future. Additionally, it would make it harder to keep much of the health industry on its feet.

As well as causing additional issues for those applying for the UK work permit, the immigration white paper also presents problems for employers. According to the think tank, requiring EU citizens that are allowed in to secure sponsored immigration could lead to a £1 billion headache for employers.