Vote Leave’s targeted Brexit ads ‘targeted UK immigration concerns’

23 Jul 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Vote Leave’s targeted Brexit adverts posted on Facebook have been released by the social network, and revealed a strong focus on the tackling of UK immigration issues.

Additionally, the adverts, which reportedly cost more than £2.7 million, were targeted at those concerned with animal rights, those worried about public services, and those who are fans of tea.

The ads were targeted to particular groups of people based on their age, location and other personal data taken from social media. In total, there are 1,433 different messages in the data set released by Facebook, all of which are pushing the pro-Brexit message to a certain extent.

The information released by the social network has also revealed that Vote Leave launched a huge data harvesting exercise at the beginning of their advertising process in the form of a competition to win £50 million for those able to correctly guess the result of all 52 games in the 2016 European football championship.

Although the government is yet to comment on the adverts, the Culture Media and Sport Committee is expected to publish interim findings from its inquiry into fake news and the Vote Leave campaign.