MPs propose change to UK visa riles for skilled migrants post-Brexit

16 Jul 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

MPS have called for skilled workers to be able to work without a UK visa for up to six months following the completion of Brexit negotiations in a challenge to post-Brexit immigration policy.

In a new report, parliament’s science and technology committee has claimed that any delays in the government’s confirmation of how a new UK immigration system will function following Brexit could be damaging to the science sector.

Furthermore, the cross-party group of MPs has stated that they are disappointed that the government has failed to successfully move forward its conclusions in relation to the UK immigration arrangements needed to support science and innovation in its earlier report.

“Given the urgency of the situation, we took the proactive step of deciding to develop our own immigration proposal that works for the science and innovation community,” they said.

Addressing the issues, the report has recommended that the government establish a rule that allows skilled workers to work visa-free and permit-free work for a maximum of six months.

Additionally, the report expresses concerns over the eligibility for the Tier 1 visa, which is designed to be granted to those with exceptional talents in their field.

The committee chair and Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb said: The committee chair and Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb said: “Collaboration is crucial to the UK maintaining its position as a science superpower, and it is essential that the UK has an immigration systems that facilitates the mobility of the science and innovation community.

“Delay in confirming how the system will work following Brexit is deeply damaging. Industry and research communities urgently need certainty.”