UK Tier 2 work permit increased availability after quota cap hit for seventh consecutive month

06 Jul 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The UK Tier 2 work permit restricted monthly allocation limit has been reached for a seventh month in a row, and as a result prioritised applications such as those on the shortage occupation list and PhD level occupations have been granted ahead of less crucial alternatives.

Restricted certificates on sponsorship are required for applicants who need to apply for UK Tier 2 work permits from outside the country. However, July 2018 is likely to see a reduction in the salary requirements for those wishing to obtain a restricted certificate of sponsorship.

Commenting on the news, Sanwar Ali of added: “Doctors and nurses being taken out of the quota from 6 July 2018 means more restricted certificates of sponsorship for others, and likely lower salary requirements in future.”

According to Mr Ali, those who are changing their visa from within the UK such as Tier 3 tudents who have reached the end of their studies or those on Tier 2 general UK visas who want to work for a new employer will not need a restricted certificate of sponsorship. As a result, some employers have applied for Tier 2 visas for migrants who are already in the UK, therefore avoiding the need for a restricted certificate of sponsorship.

“Thanks to the July 2018 changes more employees with an employer with a tier 2 sponsorship licence will be able to apply for a tier 2 visa. However, many say that this is not enough and that following Brexit, skills shortages will become even worse.”