Deported man to be returned after UK visa appeal

22 Jun 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

 A Lancaster man who had been deported from the Britain to Ethiopia is to be returned to the UK after a court heard the Home Office acted illegally.

The Home Office arrested Solomon Yitbarek and placed him on a plane back to his home country in May despite his attempts to claim asylum in the UK on safety grounds.

However, his solicitors have successfully claimed the Home Office acted illegally in his deportation and the government department has now been given14 days to ensure his safe return to England.

Latta & Co solicitors reportedly charged the Home Office with an illegal deportation, stating that they did not follow their own procedures when pursuing Solomon’s deportation.

Before being arrested, Mr Yitbarek had lived in Lancester since 2016, having arrived in the UK legally on a UK spouse visa in 2013. However, his separation from his partner meant he had considered returning to his home country in 2016.

Solomon reported being warned against returning by a family member, who informed him of an arrest warrant issued for his peaceful democracy activities. As a result, he applied for asylum in the UK, bit his case was dismissed by the Home Office.

As a result of the work of his solicitors, Solomon will now return to Britain under a claim of asylum, which will prevent him from deportation in the near future.