Abramovich could be detained over UK visa issues

06 Jun 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Roman Abramovich could be detained and deported from Britain if he uses his new Israeli passport to enter the country on a regular basis after his UK visa was not renewed.

The Chelsea owner’s UK visa was not renewed after it expired in April but he gained Israeli citizenship at the beginning of June to ensure he could continue entering Britain.

According to UK visa rules, the new passport will allow Abramovich to visit the UK for up to six months at a time on business trips, but government officials have stressed that the passport does not allow him to simply enter as and when he pleases. In fact, UK immigration law states that those visiting on business must not stay in Britain for “extended periods through frequent or successive visits”.

Before his UK visa expired, Abramovich lived in Jersey and was known to be the wealthiest man in the Channel Islands. However, as a result of his visa expiry, the billionaire now lives in Tel-Aviv, Isreal, and is expected to manage the football club as a visitor rather than an investor.

His position is also expected to restrict his role in the future of current Chelsea first-team boss Antonio Conte, who has had his position questioned after Chelsea finished fifth in the Premier League.