Men jailed for smuggling via yacht in UK immigration breach

18 May 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Three men have been jailed after using a yacht to smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK, breaching UK immigration laws.

According to authorities, Yevhenii Vasylkov hired a yacht from Holland to help transport a number of Ukrainian nationals to Suffolk on 15th October 2017. Two additional men, Yurii Dzhuraniuk and Mykhailo Roik, were then tasked with dropping the immigrants at the correct locations.

Police reports have revealed that four Ukrainian nationals were arrested when found walking along the River Blythe, while an additional seven were found on board the yacht.

According to the police, all of the men involved denied breaching UK immigration laws, despite paperwork confirming they chartered the yacht for the 100 mile journey.

Commenting on the arrests, Lorna Vincent, specialist prosecutor in the International Justice and Organised Crime Division, said: “Vasylkov, Dzhuraniuk and Roik were involved in an organised crime group who rented a yacht with the sole intention of charging people to be smuggled into the UK illegally.”

She added that evidence confirmed Vasylkov hired the yacht and booked hotels for the immigrants to use upon their arrival. Additionally, Roik was found to have collected fuel for use on the yacht during its journey, which ultimately helped the police convict the men.