Oxford family facing deportation over UK visa issues

21 Mar 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A family from east Oxford may be forced to return to Afghanistan, despite concerns they could face the death penalty, as a result of issues with their UK visas.

Hassan Bamyani originally escaped his home country in 2001 due to fearing for his life as a result of teaching girls and boys. Although his family were unable to join him immediately, they were reunited in Oxford in 2012.

However, despite his British citizenship, Hassan now faces losing his wife Sohaila and their son Muslem, 23, who could lose an appeal to stay in the UK in May 2018.

According to Mr Bamyani, the family’s appeal to stay in Britain under human rights legislation was rejected last year on the basis that the family could continue with Mr Bamyani in Oxford and Mrs Bamyani in Afghanistan.

Mrs Bamyani has also failed to pass the language course and Life in the UK Test that are both required for her to claim a UK spouse visa.

According to Adam Jackson, who is representing the family during their struggle to remain together in Britain, the courts took a “harsh” view of the case in 2017.

Mr Bamyani agreed, stating: “She has been greatly traumatised by the persecution she suffered in both Afghanistan and Iran and because she was separated from me and had to survive alone.”

Mr Bamyani’s friend, James Attlee, added: “I think people know how desperate he was to get his family here and how happy they were to be reunited.”

“To send someone back to that environment [in Afghanistan] is barbaric.”