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Wife arrested after UK visa issue ahead of vow renewal

07 Feb 2018 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A British husband is engaged in battle with the Home Office after his wife was detained over UK visa issues after arriving to renew her vows.

According to Mike Harbrow, he has hoped to renew his wedding vows to his wife Jihyeon in front of his mother, who is terminally ill, but instead she was locked in a cell upon her arrival in Britain.

Mr Harbrow has stated that he made preparations for her arrival with the Home Office, following all of their instructions ahead of her arrival for a six months stay.

However, he revealed that Mrs Harbrow was eventually denied entry to Britain and sent back to South Korea after being treated “like a criminal”.

“When I tried to reason with them on the day for six or seven hours on the phone they just wouldn’t budge,” he said. “They arrested her under some section of a law and she was in a cell like a criminal.”

Commenting on the incident, a Home Office spokesman said Mrs Harbrow had failed to meet UK immigration rules. He said: “It is open to any non-EEA national wishing to settle in the UK, including those wishing to join their spouse, to apply for the relevant visa.”