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Mother deported after 30 years granted UK visa

06 Sep 2017 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A mother-of-two who was deported from Britain after 30 years has reportedly been granted a reprieve by the Home Office and given a UK visa.

Irene Clennell, who was based in County Durham, was the main carer for her husband when she was placed in a UK immigration detention centre before she was sent back to Singapore in February 2016.

According to newpapers, Mrs Clennell has been married to John Clennell since 1988, after which time she’s had two sons and a granddaughter.

When initially deported, Mrs Clennell suggested that the UK immigration system and Home Office had treated her like a “terrorist” by failing to provide adequate warning of the issue and failing to ensure someone could meet her when she arrived in Singapore.

The government has since granted a UK spouse visa and to Mrs Clennell. However, a spokesperson stated that this action did not negate the government’s previous decision, which they stated was due to a number of failed UK visa applications that did not meet UK immigration rules.

Despite the government’s comments, Mrs Clennell has suggested that she felt her treatment throughout the whole process was “very degrading”.

“They're saying the reason they're not giving it to me is because I've got no grounds to live in the country.,” she said. “What do you mean I've got no grounds? I've got two kids and a husband there and we are married not because of convenience sake.”