Illegal immigrants found working in Cumbria without UK visas

23 Aug 2017 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Illegal immigrants have been discovered working at two businesses in West Cumbria without the correct UK visas or work permits, according to local immigration enforcement officers.

A nail salon in Workington was temporarily closed following the visit from officials after it was discovered that two Vietnamese men aged 17 and 20 were working on the premises without the correct UK work permit.

According to Tameside Magistrates’ Court, which granted an application for an Illegal Working Compliance Order for the salon, the owners of Hollywood Nails have previously been found to be employing illegal workers at two other businesses.

The order will run until August 2018 and requires the owners to ensure that all their employees have the correct UK work permit in place, to provide immigration officers with entry to the premises for inspection and should inform immigration enforcement in writing before they open any other business in the future.

Meanwhile, another visit from officers at the New Hong Kong Chinese takeaway in Whitehaven has resulted in a potential fine of £40,000 for its owners after it was discovered that a 46-year-old woman and a 44-year-old man were working without the correct UK work permit or UK visa.

The owners of the business will now be required to prove their employees have had the correct right-to-work document checks if they want to avoid the fine.

Commenting on the discovery of the four workers, Paul Airlie, assistant director of Greater Manchester immigration enforcement, said: “We are happy to work with businesses to ensure the right pre-employment checks are carried out, but those intent on operating outside the law will be found and will be punished.”

“Businesses which persistently abuse immigration laws by hiring individuals with no right to work in the UK can face closure,” he added.