UK Immigration ‘Amnesty’ for Grenfell Tower Residents

03 Jul 2017 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Any foreign nationals who have been directly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire will be allowed to stay in the country for 12 months regardless of their current UK immigration status, according to the Home Office.

Officials revealed that the government department will not conduct UK immigration checks on any survivors of the Grenfell fire, or on those coming forward with information.

According to the Home Office, its priority is to ensure residents are able to rebuild their lives amid the “extremely difficult circumstances”.

In a written statement to Parliament, Home Office minister Brandon Lewis said: "Everyone affected by this tragedy needs reassurance that the government is there for them at this terrible time and we will continue to provide the support they need to help them through the difficult days, weeks and months to come."

Mr Lewis added that the extensive of leave for the Grenfell residents regardless of UK immigration status would also allow them to assist the police and other government authorities with their inquiries, potentially reduce the length of the investigation.

However, while the announcement has been met with praise from many public and political figures, Labour has called for a wider “amnesty” to ensure those affected by the incident are not forced to leave the country sooner than they’re able.

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott added that the government should allow the survivors indefinite leave to remain in the UK. “Some survivors have literally lost everything in this horrific tragedy, all their possessions, homes and loved ones,” she said. “The idea that on top of this they could be deported later is grotesque.”