News Archive - November 2017

UK visa numbers doubled for international creative workers

20 Nov 2017 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The number of UK visas available to creative workers from around the world has been doubled, the government has announced.

According to home secretary Amber Rudd, the government has decisded to double the number of exceptional talent visas, which are offered to those who have been labelled as recognised or promising within a number of creative industries.

Jumping from 1,000 to 2,000, this increase in the number of UK visas for international creative has been implemented in order to ensure Britain remains a leader in digital and scientific advances and “at the heart of world culture”, Rudd said.

The news has been released following the publishing of a recent report from the Creative Industries Federation (CIF), which sought to demonstrate the ways in which international talent plays an important role in the creative sectors. The report also argued that systems should be put in place to preserve their place in Britain following Brexit.

CIF has subsequently welcomed Rudd’s announcement, stating that it is “encouraging that government recognises the importance of international talent to the creative industries”.

Representatives from the organisation went on to say that the increased number of exceptional talent visas is the first of a number of steps that need to be explored to improve UK immigration, particularly when it comes to supporting the creative industries.

Aside from an increase in UK visas for creative, other measures that were recommended by the CIF in its Global Talent Report include the creation of a UK visa designed specifically for creative freelancers and abolishing the UK immigration skills charge.