News Archive - November 2017

Home Office UK immigration monitoring criticised by new report

03 Nov 2017 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A new report has suggested that not enough is being done by UK immigration officials to track down almost 56,000 absconded foreign nationals due to be deported.

According to David Bolt, Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, efforts to monitor a further 80,000 illegal immigrants has also been compromised by failings within the Home Office.

Figures show the 80,000 foreign nationals being monitored by the Home Office are required to report to UK immigration officials while they await deportation, including those who have entered the country illegally and those who have overstayed UK visas.

Mr Bolt has suggested that a lack of communication within the Home Office is one of the main reasons why these immigrants, as well as the 56,000 currently missing, are still in Britain. Meanwhile, a further two reports suggest offender management and non-detained foreign national offender (FNO) management processes are also under strain.

"The numbers required to report routinely mean that it is extremely difficult for staff at reporting centres to ensure that reporting events... are meaningful, in terms of encouraging voluntary departures or resolving barriers to removal."

The management of FNOs is a particularly serious issue, Mr Bolt confirmed, adding: "Monitoring non-detained FNOs effectively is a challenge and one that raises obvious public protection concerns.”

In response to the reports, the Home Office has stated that it recognises inconsistencies within its operations but is preparing to take action to tackle any serious problems following a review, which will be completed by April 2018.