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Restrict UK visas for low-skilled workers, says migration group

25 Oct 2017 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Britain should significantly cut back the number of people issues UK visas to take lower-skilled work, but it should be more flexible on tourism, according to a newly released report from a migration pressure group.

Migration Watch UK has called for the introduction of a new scheme that allows tourists and business people to travel freely to and from the country without the need for a UK visa, as long as they carried a valid passport.

However, the report states that UK visa applications should only be accepted for those in certain categories, excluding lower-skilled workers, in a bid to reduce net migration.

According to the report, the group is calling for seven different groups to be excluded from caps, including highly skilled workers, those with intermediate skills, seasonal workers and the self-employed.

Commenting on the reports suggestions, vice chairman of Migration Watch UK Alp Mehmet has stated that a cap system should reduce UK immigration by around 100,000 per year,

Despite the group’s suggestions, the government is yet to reveal a final UK immigration plan. However, a Home Office spokesman has suggested that the post-Brexit plan will be drawn up in a way that ensures it represents the best interests of everyone in the UK.

"As part of our work to develop this system, we have asked the independent Migration Advisory Committee to assess the economic and social impact of EU citizens in all parts of the UK,” he said.

"We are carefully considering the options for the future immigration system and will set out our plans later this year.