News Archive - October 2017

UK immigration expert calls for anti-social hours visas

02 Oct 2017 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A UK immigration policymaker has called for the introduction of an “anti-social hours visa” after Brexit in order to aid EU workers who wish to work night shifts in Britain.

According to David Goodhart, head of demography, immigration and integration at think tank Policy Exchange, this type of UK visa would make it possible for migrants willing to work more unsociable shifts to take unwanted roles.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, Mr Goodhart said: “I think there would be a big demand for that and I think that would also respond to the anxieties people have, if they can see people coming over to do things they don’t want to do, or is very difficult for them to do.”

In response to the calls, Mr Goodhart was challenged by party members who suggested the scheme could allow exploitation, and potentially make it possible for UK immigration status of the people in question to become tied to their employer.

Despite this, the policymaker argued that the new UK visa would be no more likely to be exploited than any other visa, and could actually open doors for those more willing to work anti-social hours than UK nationals.

Former Conservative minister Anna Soubry also supported the plans, arguing that it is a “myth” that encouraging more migrant workers to arrive from the EU will increase pressure on public services.

“Go to Boston. Boston apparently has some of the highest numbers of migrant workers,” she said. “It is a myth that these people are clogging up our social services and social housing. It is not true, because most of the people who work in Boston, to put it crudely, are fit young men.”