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Visa mix-up leaves Indian-born mum facing deportation

30 Sep 2016 | Posted by Carl Thomas
An Indian-born woman who has been married to a Scottish former soldier for 13 years is facing deportation in a UK visa row.
Gloria Macleod already had a valid UK C-Visit passport but she and husband Robert decided she should apply for permanent residence, so their two daughters could go to school in Dingwall in the Highlands while he works in security in Dubai.
Mrs Macleod took advice from the UK visa office in Dubai, which said her visa application had to be made in person. However, when she tried to return to the UK she was refused entry and was only allowed in when she said she had to pick up her daughters from school.
The family’s local MP Ian Blackford said: “Mrs Macleod followed exactly the instructions given to her by the immigration service and is now being penalised for this. Her visa is still current and has not been violated in any way. I have yet to fathom any reason why these actions have been taken.
“The family clearly wants to live in Mr Macleod’s home town and he intends to return at every opportunity to be with his wife and daughters. He has a good job in Dubai and it is quite understandable that he wants to continue with this to support his family.”
Mr Blackford has contacted immigration minister Robert Goodwill about the case and has asked that the deportation order be suspended. He is still awaiting a reply from the Home Office.
He said that if Mrs Macleod is deported, her children will be left with their frail grandparents and that must not be allowed to happen,
The MP recently campaigned on behalf of constituents the Brain family from Australia, who won their battle to remain in the UK.