Sri Lankan man wins UK visa battle

12 Jul 2016 |
A Sri Lankan man who was facing deportation has been granted a UK visa and the right to remain in Britain after receiving support from his local community.
Rakuvaran Parameswaran – who is known as Guru – has been in the UK since 2005 when he was 13. He and his uncle escaped from the war-torn country and his parents died shortly after they left for Britain.
He was in the UK on a temporary visa and said his original solicitor failed to tell him he had to make his residency status permanent.
Guru, who lives in Flintshire in Wales, was told by the Home Office that he had to provide proof of his parents’ death. More than 5,000 people were killed in southern Sri Lanka and despite his uncle returning to the island to seek evidence they had died, he was unable to find any.
The community in Northop Hall where Guru lives rallied round to support his visa application, signing petitions and writing to the Home Office on his behalf. There was also a Facebook in support of his UK visa fight.
He told the Daily Post: “I’m so proud of everyone for all they have done, I’m also proud to be a part of the Northop Hall community.
“I’m so happy – I’m jumping all over the place with joy. Now I’m feeling so relaxed and comfortable.
“I need to say thanks to the Northop Hall community for the way everybody supported me.”

Guru, who works in the Premier shop in the village, had a seven month wait to see whether his application for permanent residency in the UK had been approved. He was afraid he would be killed if he was deported to Sri Lanka from the home he had built in Wales.