Home Office to look again at US mother's visa application

11 Apr 2016 | By Carl Thomas

The case of a US mother, who was facing deportation in a UK visa row over her British husband’s earnings, is to be looked again by the Home Office.

Katy James had been given a 14-day deadline to leave the country after her UK visa application was turned down because her self-employed husband Dominic does not earn the required £18,600 annually. The couple have a two-year-old daughter Madeline.

More than 2,000 people have signed a petition to Prime Minister David Cameron, supporting Mrs James’ campaign to remain in the UK. The couple, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, have also have met with their local MP Caroline Ansell.
Ms Ansell agreed to pursue the case with the Home Office and said that Immigration Minister James Brokenshire has agreed to look at it again.
The MP told the Brighton Argus: "This does not mean that the decision has been rescinded, but the letter I have received makes it clear that a fresh set of eyes will look at the application.
"I think we should be confident that the decision will be reversed on the basis the three have a right to family life under human rights legislation and because of the impact on Madeline should Katy be forced to leave."
The MP said her focus was to keep the family together and that the immigration rules allowed some discretion to meet with individual circumstances.
The Home Office said each case was considered on its own merits according to the rules. A spokesman refused to comment further because the case was ongoing.
Mrs James, who is appealing against the original decision to reject her application, said: "We still don't want to take the pressure off though because as they say the decision has not been rescinded yet."