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Former soldier in fight for UK visa for Venezuelan wife

08 Nov 2016 | Posted by Carl Thomas
A former soldier says he does not know why his Venezuelan wife’s UK visa application has been rejected, forcing him to live apart from her and their three children.
Craig Reynolds, from Aberdare in South Wales, returned to the UK to work and expected that a UK visa would be granted to wife Francis by Christmas. However, her application was rejected and he has launched an appeal. The authorities have told him documents in support of his wife’s application must be translated at his cost.
Mr Reynolds returned to Venezuela last month while his wife gave birth to daughter Canaima. The couple also have sons Diego and Gareth and he has been told they can join him in the UK but wife Francis cannot.
The couple married in 2006 but Mr Reynolds says he was forced to return to the UK to find work, and expected his family would be able to join him shortly after.
He is now concerned about their safety in the South American country, which is suffering from food shortages, problems with disease such as the zika virus and malaria, and a high crime rate.
Mr Reynolds told the Daily Mail: “Violent robberies such as home invasions and car jackings happen daily and stopping at traffic lights at the wrong time in the wrong area can be fatal.
“My children are pale-skinned and blond and draw a lot of attention wherever they go.  Letting them out of the house to play in the street with other children is an impossibility. The threat of kidnapping is a constant worry. My family needs to leave Venezuela.”