Just 10 applicants used Tech City UK visa route

25 May 2015 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Tech City UK only received 10 applications for its UK visa scheme over 12 months, when it is able to give out 200 UK visas a year to talented hi-tech staff from outside the EU.

The Government body was given the right to provide the ‘exceptional talent’ visas to attract the very best international digital and creative staff to work in the UK. In order to receive one of the visas, people who want to work in the UK must apply both to Tech City UK and the Home Office.

Tech City UK has now published new guidance to help people seeking to work in the UK via this route. It includes detailed eligibility criteria, with a track record as a digital technology company founder or employee, plus a letter from a recognised UK expert in the field recommending their work, as mandatory conditions.

There are also a number of ‘qualifying’ criteria and applicants must meet at least two of these conditions to be considered. They include having played key roles in developing new cutting edge technology, having achieved commercial success in the sector, having won or been put forward for a top international award for digital technology and being recognised as a key talent in the digital technology world.

As part of their visa application, people are allowed to send up to 10 supporting documents in addition to their CV.

Tech City UK said: “The primary purpose of this visa is to attract applicants from outside the EU that demonstrate world-class aptitude in turn ensuring the UK digital economy remains a globally competitive powerhouse.”

Although Tech City is able to advise the Government on which applicants it believes should be given the visas, the final decision will remain with the Home Office.