News Archive - October 2015

Visa issues prevent Uruguayan wife living with British husband in UK

14 Oct 2015 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A British man and his Uruguayan wife have been separated by UK visa rules, because he is a student and does not earn enough money.

Classical music student Don Adam Perera, who is a British citizen, and Made Lissidini, married two years ago. But she is currently living in Montevideo because her husband cannot meet visa demands that state he must earn £18,600 or more annually or have savings of £60,000.

Made has been turned down for a spouse visa and work visa. The graphic designer and copywriter had been living with her husband in London on a student visa which has now expired.

She told the Daily Mail: “I honestly can't believe that I can't be there with him, since I truly believe that I would be a great asset to the country.

“I'm a skilled worker with perfect English as well as other languages, I've never been in debt nor had to ask the Government for benefits, and I really want to go and create a life and family for myself in England.”

Made said she had been headhunted by UK companies but due to rules requiring companies to sponsor overseas workers, she has been unable to secure employment.

She added: “That's because the laws in place to keep non-Europeans from working in the UK are incredibly complicated, and it's very hard for a company to go through all that process.”

The couple met in Argentina and married in Uruguay where they lived together. But when Don Adam had to return to the UK to start his Masters in music, the couple discovered the only way Made could join him was on a student visa.

The couple are now supporting an online petition for the Government to remove minimum income requirements on couples to allow husbands and wives to live together in the UK.