Response time extended in Glyndwr University UK visa probe

26 Jul 2014 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Wrexham-based Glyndwr University has said that the Home Office has given it more time to respond to the investigation regarding its alleged UK visa fraud.

The university lost its trusted sponsor status following allegations of UK visa fraud in which several students were alleged to have obtained fraudulent English language certificates. This meant that Glyndwr is no longer able to recruit overseas students until the investigations have reached a conclusion.

A spokesman for the university told the BBC: "Glyndwr University is in dialogue with UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) and has been given further time to make its response."

However, exact details of when the new deadlines might be have not been revealed.

Glyndwr is not alone in the allegations regarding falsification of English language certificates. An inquiry last month suggested that as many as 50,000 immigrants across the country might be in possession of a certificate without actually having the language skills required.

The removal of the trusted sponsor status could have a big impact on Glyndwr, which has roughly 3,040 non-EU students in attendance. A total of 230 sponsored students have been found to have invalid language test results.

According to the BBC, the Home Office has distanced itself from the university's statement.

The government has tightened up significantly on UK visa controls and has stepped up its monitoring of universities and other higher education establishments as part of this to ensure that attendance is not being used as a cover for illegal working.

These efforts have been met with a mixed response as the authorities also reduce the working options available to students both during and after university, with some fearing the government's actions will discourage international students from studying in the UK.