Government plans actions against migrant motorists

12 Jun 2014 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Immigrants and those visiting the UK from abroad are being warned that they must abide by UK rules when driving, or face the consequences.

It is estimated that thousands of migrants to the UK are failing to pay for tax, insurance or to ensure their vehicles have MOTs when they are driving on British roads. Legally, all cars brought into the UK must be registered with the DVLA and fitted with British licence plates if they are here for six months or more.

However, it is believed up to 350,000 cars, which are registered abroad, are being driven illegally in the UK and costing the Government around £60 million in unpaid tax, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Now Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin wants all foreign cars to be recorded when they come into Britain, so the information can be entered into the Automatic Number Plate database.

A Government source told the paper: “It is neither safe nor fair for foreign vehicles based here to be using our roads without paying their fair share and making sure their cars are up to scratch. That’s why we’re determined to take prompt action to stop this.”

Tory MP Steve Barclay has carried out a campaign to highlight what he called foreign cars and drivers “abusing the UK’s roads” because they are unsafe and untaxed.

He said changes in the law would have the double effect of earning more money for the Treasury and tackling the “abuse” of British laws.

It is expected that the checking project will initially be launched as a pilot scheme before being rolled out nationally.