News Archive - November 2014

Fraudster 'ate passport' during citizenship test

27 Nov 2014 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A fraudster has gone to remarkable lengths to try and work his way around the UK immigration regulations as reports have emerged that a man began to eat his fake passport during a citizenship test to avoid detection by the authorities.

Wasim Husain, an ambulance service call operator, has admitted that he was paid £300 to sit the British citizenship exam on behalf of another individual. When the staff at the test centre examined the Pakistani passport he was using under ultra-violet light and questioned the man about its authenticity, the 26-year-old began to eat the document.

When the case came to trial, the prosecutor, Sarah Slater, spoke to Derby Crown Court on the matter: “The member of staff told the defendant she believed the passport was false and that he would not be sitting the citizenship test.

“He became very angry and grabbed the passport from the desk then tried to leave but the door was locked and he began to kick it. He then began ripping at the passport, pulling off the front page and started to eat the passport.”

Following police investigations, it emerged that he had been paid £300 by a customer who had approached him in his weekend job at a phone shop in Birmingham and requested that he take the citizenship test on his behalf.

It is thought that Husain was struggling financially which contributed to his decision to accept money to proceed with the immigration fraud on behalf of the other man.