UK is one of top three destinations for skilled workers

17 May 2013 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The UK is one of the top three destinations favoured by overseas workers on UK work permits.

This is according to research conducted by global recruitment specialists Hydrogen, who found that the UK is the second most popular destination for skilled overseas workers, after the US. Australia came in third place, suggesting that English-speaking countries are favoured.

Hyrodgen's Global Professions on the Move 2013 study surveyed over 2,000 people across 90 different countries. It found that Britain is still a top destination for skilled employees, despite the government's crackdown on access to Tier 2 work permits.

However, the government might want to take care with its immigration policies, given that just 12 per cent of those surveyed said that they thought there were no barriers to relocating at all.

Dan Fox, managing director technology practice with Hydrogen, commented: "The US is still the dominant force, but the UK is definitely on the march. The States has Silicon Valley and San Francisco, the UK has Silicon Roundabout near Old Street, where you’ve got all these exciting tech firms opening.

"A lot of Europeans view the UK as a tech hub where you can work for exciting fast-paced companies. We’re seeing a lot of Europeans coming to work in the UK. It’s all about wanting to work for the up-and-coming companies."

The research found that people who relocated abroad found numerous benefits in doing so. For example, 83 per cent of respondents who had done so said they believed it had accelerated their person development, while 77 per cent said that it had benefited their career prospects.

Those considering applying for a UK work permit might be tempted further by the fact that 72 per cent said that taking an overseas contract had enhanced their salaries.