News Archive - September 2012

Immigrants warned of UK work permit scams

12 Sep 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Potential immigrants have been warned of scams being targeted at individuals looking at jobs in Britain.

Criminals usually based overseas are creating false UK-based jobs and advertising them on the internet. They then inform individuals that they have been successful in their application for the position and directing them to a link which requests payment for UK work permit or visa fees.

This is one of the more common variants of the scam but there have been other methods used, including false calls from people pertaining to be from the UK Border Agency. The scammers are using false names and phone numbers before claiming that the individual has a serious problem with their UK work permit application or immigration status and demanding an immediate payment to prevent further action.

Requests for advance payments to demonstrate an individual's ability to support themselves have also been used as a basis for a scam.

Those who are concerned that they may have been subject to a scam are urged not to give away any personal details but to contact Action Fraud.

Meanwhile, there are a number of things worth looking for while organising a UK work permit application. Firstly, check the email address of any correspondence. Matters concerning UK visas and work permits will be dealt with by UKBA staff and email addresses will take the form of [email protected] or [email protected] Secondly, any official UK government websites will be on the domain name Other domains are highly unlikely to be officially related to the government immigration authorities or Home Office.

Keep these matters in mind when handling a UK work permit application. But if you are in any doubt about the nature of a contact or correspondence, don't send any personal details or money and consider getting in touch with a UK immigration consultant to help handle your case.