Advice issued to overseas students preparing to move

30 Jul 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Students planning to move to Britain on a UK visa to undertake a period of study this year have been urged to start preparing for their trip now.

Negotiating UK immigration policies will be a lot simpler if you have everything organised before you leave. This includes the obvious things, such as never bringing any counterfeit goods, firearms or illegal drugs with you into the country, but it also involves preparing for difficult personal situations by making a note of a UK-based contact, for example.

Travellers will also need to complete a landing card before they meet with a Border Force officer in the UK and by making sure all of the information on this card is accurate, long-term visitors will benefit from a much simpler process when they arrive.

UK visas and travel cards are requirements for the majority of immigrants, but students need to remember something extra: Their university confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) letter. The government has stepped up its crackdown on bogus student visas so proof of a position at a recognised higher education establishment is really worth bringing.

Finally, it is worth double checking the conditions on a UK visa being used for student purposes. The number of hours students are allowed to work is restricted now and there are further changes to how long an individual can work in the country after their course has been completed.

Studying abroad, especially at a young age, can be an exciting experience. But it is often a huge upheaval and being called up on a problem with immigration can be worrying. Checking everything now in preparation for the beginning of the September term should make the whole moving process much simpler and a more enjoyable experience, allowing students to get ready to enjoy their time studying abroad.