Investigation claims international students face financial difficulties

11 Jun 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

An investigation has uncovered claims that international students are being cheated out of thousands of pounds by private colleges in Britain.

Conducted by the Huffington Post, the report found that people on UK student visas applying to study in Britain are being forced to pay their tuition fees twice in order to secure a place at their chosen college. Others are arriving in the country only to find out that they have been enrolled on the wrong course.

With the international student sector bringing in around £5 billion to the UK economy, there are concerns that these issues will put off future UK student visa applicants from coming to the country at all, potentially causing substantial damage to the higher education sector.

Salima Mawji, an education lawyer who has fought several colleges in court over these issues, told the news source that the system is "grossly unfair", explaining that the colleges are to blame for not clarifying the terms and conditions to international students.

Labour MP Jon Ashworth added that he is 'deeply concerned' about the issue, noting: "If we are putting more hurdles in the way of the students then that is going to be to the detriment of the wider UK economy.