Teeside University has sponsor status suspended

22 Mar 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Teeside University has become the first UK higher education institution to have had its Highly Trusted Sponsor status suspended since the implementation of tougher regulations.

Reports from the Times Higher Education Supplement revealed that the university had is status suspended early in February of this year after the UK Border Agency (UKBA) identified a number of "administrative issues" in relation to the recruitment of overseas students.

The move follows the temporary suspension of Glasgow Caledonian University's immigration licence in April 2011. However, this decision was implemented under rules imposed by the Labour government.

A spokesman from Teeside told the paper: "Teeside University has not had its HTS licence revoked and indeed no revocation action has been taken."

But the UKBA looks set to keep the suspension in place while it looks into issues with Teeside's student records that require "clarification".

The representative added: "A temporary pause has, however, been placed on the processing of immigration paperwork by the university while we worked in partnership with the UKBA to enhance our processes.

"This process is now complete and has proved to be a very positive experience that has led to significant enhancements in a number of areas of our international activity."


The decision to suspend the licence has been met with some disapproval from within the higher education sector, which is already concerned that its profits will be hit by the tighter rules regarding student employment and visas.