UK immigration services to use e-Borders system

15 Mar 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

UK immigration check points are to start to use the e-Borders system to check the details of every passenger travelling on non-European Economic Area (EEA) flights to the UK.

Immigration minister Damian Green made the comment while speaking at the Royal United Services Institute, where he added that the government will introduce clear rules regarding the correct level of checks required for every type of passenger.

The e-Borders system will be extended to ensure that 100 per cent of non-EEA flights are covered by next month, meaning that thousands more passengers will see their information collected and analysed before they travel.

Mr Green explained that implementing these changes will result in improved safety levels for the whole country: "A safe and secure border means not just better immigration control, but safer streets and more secure citizens. There can be no compromises on border security. In a dangerous world, our border is one of our main protections."

The minister added that the changes, when combined with the stricter new UK visa regime, will mean that all non-EEA arriving passengers from outside of Europe will have been checked once or even twice before they are anywhere near the British passport controls, resulting in "better protection than ever before and a stronger border".