News Archive - February 2012

Closures to be made to UK visa centres

21 Feb 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A number of UK visa centres overseas look set to close and be replaced by alternative services.

According to recent reports from the UK Border Agency, the British Embassy in Oslo and the British Embassy in Helsinki will be among those to see their UK visa application centres closed down.

They will be replaced by a UK visa service that will launch from March 8th in Helsinki and March 5th in Oslo and will be run in partnership with WorldBridge Service.

Mobile biometric clinics will be set up in the cities to allow applicants to continue to supply their biometric information without having to travel outside of the country to do so.

These mobile clinics will allow people to submit their application online before paying their visa application fee and booking an appointment at the clinic at Hotel Scandic Marski in Helsinki and the WorldBridge Regus Oslo Aker Brygge in Oslo.

The service costs €146.17 plus local taxes and the standard visa application fee. Meanwhile, travellers immigrants will still be required to organise the delivery of their passports and supporting documents, which will be returned by courier once a decision has been reached.