News Archive - February 2012

Quarterly illegal employment reports published

10 Feb 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The government is set to publish quarterly reports detailing the penalties metered out to businesses employing illegal workers.

Included in the reports will be information regarding the number of civil penalties issued, the number of illegal workers found and the value of penalties given out in different geographical regions.

Furthermore, any employers who have not paid or made a contribution towards their penalty payments for 28 days after the exhaustion of their objection or appeal rights will be named in the report, as will those who have been served with a second or subsequent penalty following the exhaustion of their objection or appeal rights.

Businesses who take on illegal employees who have no right to employment in the UK risk fines of up to £10,000. Now, with the publication of these reports, it appears that they are also taking a risk with their company reputation if their names are published in these reports.

However, the government claims that it is working with British business to help them to fulfil their responsibility to avoid taking on illegal workers, providing guidance and information regarding what documents to check.

It is hoped that tackling the issue in this way will prevent illegal working from further damaging the UK economy and social situation. Illegal working "undercuts businesses that operate within the law, undermines British workers and exploits migrant workers", the UK Border Agency explained in a statement.