News Archive - February 2012

UK visa fees set to rise

09 Feb 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The fees for UK visas look set to rise as the government continues its revision of the country's immigration laws.

Damian Green, immigration minister, issued a written ministerial statement proposing the rise in UK visa fees. A rise in UK-based visa application fees is also on the cards.

In the majority of cases, the increase will be of two per cent, but certain immigration routes are set to rise by more than this.

The changes mean that settlement, for example, will rise to £826 from April of this year, up from £810 last year. Meanwhile, a short visit visa will increase in cost from £76 to £78. These fees apply to individuals applying from outside of the country.

Mr Green commented: "It is only fair that those who use and benefit from the immigration system contribute a higher share of the cost of running it - reducing the burden on the UK taxpayer."

The proposals are due to be put forward in parliament in two separate regulations. If they receive parliamentary approval, the government aims to bring the increases in fees into action from April 6th this year.

Mr Green also hinted that further changes are planned for the future, however. These included a move to increase the rate charged for applications made by dependants within the UK from 50 per cent of the main applicant's fee to the same full charge.