News Archive - November 2012

Changes to UK work permits approaching

23 Nov 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Immigration officials have presented a written ministerial statement to parliament, finalising a number of UK work permit changes that are due to come into effect next month.

The statement outlined changes affecting Tiers 1 to 5 of the points-based UK visa system. The adaptations will come into effect for sponsors and migrants from December 13th this year.

It explained in more detail some of the changes to be made to the Tier 2 work permit route: “I am making minor changes to Tier 2, the route for skilled workers with a job offer.

“These include supporting business by allowing very senior intra-company transferees to extend their stay in the UK up to nine years (other transferees are restricted to a maximum of five years); making provision for barristers to apply in Tier 2; and making the operation of 'cooling off periods' more flexible for migrants who leave the UK before their leave expires.”

In addition to the changes directly affecting visa applicants, the new framework will bring in a “more robust and clear criminality framework” for the assessment of immigration applications, as well as recalculating the length of time before a deportation order is revoked and the introduction of a re-entry ban for some foreign national offenders who have been removed from the country as part of a conditional caution.

Further clarifications are also being introduced in order to clear up the issue of absences from the country that are permitted under Tier 1 and Tier 2 and pre-points based system work routes. Minor changes to the child and parent routes will also be introduced to make things as “clear and comprehensive as possible”.

The statement was laid in the House of Commons by home secretary Theresa May and in the House of Lords by Lord Taylor of Holbeach.