News Archive - January 2012

New procedure introduced for Tier 1 work permit applicants

06 Jan 2012 | Posted by Carl Thomas

People applying for Tier 1 UK work permits are now required to follow a new procedure if they are looking for endorsement from the Arts Council England (ACE).

In addition to the standard UK visa application, those looking for ACE endorsement are now required to complete the council's new competent body application form and submit the documentation together.

Additional supporting documents clarifying that the candidate meets ACE's eligibility criteria are also required and can be downloaded for use from the UK Border Agency's website.

The change to procedure, which only came into effect on January 3rd, only apply to those looking for ACE endorsement.

The procedure for Tier 1 UK work permit applicants looking for endorsement from the Royal Society, the British Academy or the Royal Academy of Engineering stands the same as before. That is, they will need to submit a completed 'science bodies' competent body application form, along with documents stating that they meet the body's own eligibility criteria.

Small changes in procedure, such as this alteration to the Tier 1 route, can seem inconsequential. But ensuring you are on top of everything when you make a UK work permit application can make the procedure faster and simpler. A UK immigration lawyer may be able to help further by clarifying exactly which documents you are required to submit.