Sportsman awaiting UK work permit

28 Jun 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Footballer Tsepo Masilela is awaiting clearance for his UK work permit before he completes his move to Leicester City.

According to the player's agent, the South African left-back is lined up to join Leicester in their bid for promotion in the Premier League.

However, before he makes the move,  Masilela requires the clearance of a UK work permit to take paid employment with the English team.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Masilela's agent Mike Makaad remarked: "We are busy working on his UK visa to get him across for his medical. As soon as he gets that then we will come over.

"I think this move will propel him to the level he deserves to be at. Tsepo will give it his best because he wants to stay in England long term."

Sports players can apply for Tier 2 work permits if they are "internationally established at the highest level, and will make a significant contribution to the development of their sport".

Upon successful receipt of a Tier 2 work permit in the sportsperson category, individuals can live and work in the UK for a maximum of three years and one month. After this point, players are required to apply for permission to extend their stay and a maximum extension of two years may be granted.

A fee of around £350,000 is due to be paid by the English team in order to secure the 26-year-old's services. Meanwhile, there is also the option of a permanent deal for a further £1.7 million if he proves to be successful.