UK immigration 'approaches record levels'

26 May 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

UK immigration is approaching record levels, according to recent figures compiled by Migration Watch UK.
The research revealed that net migration in the year to September 2010 stood at 242,000.
This is a 96,000 increase on the previous year and the highest level of migration for five years.
Indeed, it is close to the record level recorded in the year to June 2005 of 260,000.
Net EU migration from outside of the European Union accounted for the vast majority of the increase, with figures rising by 54,000 to reach 215,000.
However, net EU migration rose by 40,000, although it still only represented 25 per cent of net foreign immigration.
The data also revealed that the number of non-UK born workers has increased by 1.7 million over the past decade, while the number of workers who are born in this country has decreased by 223,000.
UK work permits also appear to be on the rise, as the employment rate of non-UK born workers has increased by one per cent since the first quarter of 2007, despite the fact that the government has now implemented stricter controls on UK work permits.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration Watch UK, commented on the data: "This sharp rise in immigration comes as a shock. These figures show just what an enormous task the coalition government has inherited as a result of Labour's mass immigration policy.
"Firm measures are now absolutely essential."