UK immigration campaign launched by retailer

25 May 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

A retailer has launched a campaign in connection with No One is Illegal to fight against certain UK immigration controls.
The Lush Cosmetics company is holding a week-long national campaign across the country in all of its 95 stores, ThisisBristol reports.
In protest against UK immigration restrictions, the shops will display the declaration: "People should be free to live and work wherever they wish and enjoy all of the same rights as all other residents."
The campaign follows research commissioned by the store and the campaign group and conducted by YouGov, which discovered that 54 per cent of people agreed with the above statement regarding immigration freedoms.
However, when questioned in more detail, the polls revealed some conflicting attitudes towards immigration and UK visa permissions.
Although 72 per cent of people asked thought that they should be allowed to live and work in a foreign country, just 46 per cent of those polled separately believed that people from foreign countries should be allowed to live and work in Britain.
Andrew Butler, an activist from Lush, told the paper: "Many people's view of immigration has been shaped by fear and misinformation, peddled by right-wing politicians, racists and some elements of the media.
"It's time that we called immigration controls what they are, 'anti-foreigner laws' and challenged them in the same way we challenge all prejudice and inequality in our society."
Last month the government introduced a permanent annual cap on Tier 2 work permits for the UK, limiting the number of people from outside the European Economic Area who can be legally employed in this country.