News Archive - February 2011

UK immigration lawyers sought by Pakistanis

24 Feb 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Wealthy Pakistanis are seeking UK immigration lawyers to help with their visa applications.

UK immigration lawyers are being sought by some affluent Pakistanis who are keen to take advantage of the changes in UK immigration law due to be implemented this April.

A source in the Home Office told website the News that several high net worth Pakistanis are keen to move when the UK starts to offer incentives to encourage rich foreigners.

Indeed, those who could bring in £10 million in investment would be eligible for a fast-tracked permanent residency within two years.

The changes will also see immigrants with £5 million worth of investment qualify for residency within three years, while those with £1 million would achieve this status within five years.

This procedure ordinarily takes five years for all categories under the current UK immigration rules.

But the changes due to come into effect later this year have been designed to boost the country's recovering economy.

A UK immigration lawyer told the News: "[Wealthy Pakistanis] are not happy with the unstable situation in Pakistan and Britain is a paradise for their capital.

"It's clear to see why they want to move out."

Meanwhile, a UK Border Agency told the news agency that the government has been clear in its desire to attract the "brightest and the best to help our economic recovery".

The representative added that entrepreneurs, investors and people of exceptional talent have "the most to offer in terms of driving economic growth".