News Archive - February 2011

UK immigration raids see restaurant owner jailed

21 Feb 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

The importance of organising UK visas and complying with UK immigration regulation has been highlighted by a recent case, in which a restaurant owner has been jailed.

Mohammed Hifzuil Rahman was sentenced to a two-year jail term last week (Friday, February 18th), after he admitted trying to cheat UK immigration rules.

An investigation by officials from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) discovered several immigrants working without the correct UK visas. Indeed, more than 35 foreign nationals were found to working illegally under Mr Rahman's employment.

Dave Stalker of the UKBA's North West immigration crime team commented: "These issues are taken very seriously and police officers work in partnership with other immigration officers across the North West to ensure we have an effective, joined-up approach to tackling the problem.

"Rahman has earned a living through the exploitation of his staff and by avoiding taxes and national insurance payments that other legitimate employers would have had to pay."

The arrest of Mr Rahman comes as the UKBA has prosecuted a Ukranian national for making hundreds of thousands of pound from illegal employment.

Halyna Semenikhina was found guilty of assisting illegal UK immigration and money laundering. She was discovered to have been contracting cleaners, having their wages paid directly into her own bank account and then charging them at least £200 a week for accommodation.

Chris Foster of the UKBA's London immigration team said that Ms Semenikhina is to have her assets confiscated and noted that she will also face deportation at the end of her five-year jail term.