News Archive - December 2011

X Factor contestant wins UK immigration battle

01 Dec 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Gamu Nhengu, a former contestant on the X Factor, has won her fight to remain in the UK, as has her mother.

The teenager is originally from Zimbabwe and the family have been fighting their deportation for over a year now.

In August 2010 the singer's mother had her UK visa renewal application turned down, which started their battle to remain in the country. Earlier this year, they managed to successful appeal their refusal of leave to remain in the UK, but the Home Office has since attempted to overturn the decision.

This latest development has now seen a judge at the UK Immigration Court in Glasgow refuse the Home Office appeal. This means that the singer and her mother have leave to remain in the UK.

Frances Farrell, the family's lawyer, noted that the family are glad to have their UK visas in order and are now keen to “get on with their lives and put this behind them”.

She added: “This has come after such a long ordeal. The Home Office has a last resort appeal right to the Court of Session, but I hope they respect the judgement made today.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the UK Borders Agency stated that the department is “disappointed” with the decision and intends to carefully examine the details of the case before considering further action.