News Archive - November 2011

Tier 2 shortage occupation list changes come into effect

14 Nov 2011 | Posted by Carl Thomas

Following recommendations from the Independent Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) issued last month, the government has introduced a number of changes the Tier 2 shortage occupation list.

Back in October, MAC called for the removal of a number of specialist jobs it believes are no longer required in the UK or that can be covered by native workers.

Among these positions are secondary education biology teachers, speech and language therapists, orthoptists and veterinary surgeons.

A number of additional positions have also been placed on the list, including actuaries, high integrity pipe welders, geochemists and environmental scientists.

The aim of the changes is to ensure that Tier 2 work permits are only issued to migrant workers that will fulfil the UK's needs.

However, the reduction in the number of occupations on the list follow a number of other changes to the Tier 2 immigration route and could add to the disapproval the government is receiving from British businesses.

There is a concern collectively the alterations will deter the best qualified individuals from looking to the UK for work and, over time, business and industry could be damaged.