News Archive - February 2020

Employers Celebrate Call to Lower UK Work Permit Salary Threshold

15 Feb 2020 | Carl Thomas

The UK government and Boris Johnson are currently discussing a potential new plan to reduce the threshold on the amount an employee needs to earn each year to remain in the UK. According to a report published in the 28th of January from the MAC (migration advisory group), the current cap of £30,000 is simply too much to allow many people to enter the country and fill the skill gaps that are making it harder for the economy to thrive.

The government responded to the report, seemingly agreeing that the threshold should be lowered going forward. On the 14th of February, Boris Johnson met with his new cabinet to sign off on a points-based immigration system that will prevent any EU migrant from earning less than £23,000 a year to enter the country on a UK work permit. This cap is much lower than the previous £30,000 a year and has caused celebration from many business leaders who have previously concerned about the limited access to talent.

The new tier 2 work permit will also require applicants to earn a certain number of points to come into the country too. This will ensure that only the people with the skills that the UK needs to thrive in the current global landscape will be allowed to enter the country. In most cases, skilled migrants will need to have a job offer lined up that will pay more than £25,600 per year to come into the UK. However, there will be a lower cap for those who have higher point scores based on their skills, and ability to speak English.

Though the cap has dropped, it’s worth noting that all migrants will need to have a secure offer for a job in place, with more points available to those who apply for areas where there are clear shortages in the UK. Downing street states that this new system will be much fairer to all migrants.