News Archive - February 2020

Boris Johnson Plans to Reduce UK Work Permit Cap

12 Feb 2020 | Carl Thomas

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel are both currently working on the finishing touches for a new set of UK visas and guidelines. This updated information on the work permit in the UK will include a reduction in the salary threshold for certain migrants, according to reports from the government.

As current tier 2 work permit legislation stands, skilled migrants outside of the EU must have a job offer that includes a minimum salary agreement of £30,000. However, if the plans issued by Boris Johnson go forward, then the new UK work permit will include a salary threshold of only £25,600. This strategy is intended to attract more people from outside of the UK into the country and provide them with the employment they need to fill the skill gaps in the countries.

The potential decision to change the cap on the tier 2 work permit comes after various unions have said that putting barriers up to hiring people from overseas could cause significant difficulties in social care. Unison’s (a UK union) said that immigration systems still prevent care providers from making it into the UK. The government’s migration advisory commission have also said that the proposals in place for the new UK visas weren’t perfect.

There are various sectors throughout the UK that are struggling with limited access to talent. A high cap on the amount of income a person must receive before they can claim for a UK visa could mean that the amount of skilled people in the UK continues to dwindle. The new suggestions made by Boris Johnson for the reformed tier 2 work permit could help a lot of companies to start getting more access to the people that they need.