News Archive - February 2020

Finishing Touches Put on New UK Work Permit

11 Feb 2020 | Carl Thomas

Priti Patel, the UK home secretary, and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, are preparing to announce the completed version of their new suggestions for immigration and UK work permits in the UK. The plans are expected to completely overhaul the way that UK visas are issued for people coming into the UK from both the EU and outside of the European union too.

As expected, the new strategy for the UK work permit will include a points-based scheme, which requires applicants to get a job offer at the appropriate skill level that they want to apply for. Just like the current Immigration UK guidelines, professionals hoping to enter the UK will need to get their job offer from an approved sponsor company.

Workers that are offered a salary that goes under the new cap for the tier 2 work permit may also have an option to make up some of their points elsewhere. This could be the case for people who want to work in a sector that currently has a skills shortage. Points will be allocated for things like an effective grasp of the English language, and high-quality qualifications in their chosen fields.

Workers from both EU and non-EU countries will be subject to the same immigration requirements when the transition period for Brexit comes to an end on the 21st of December 2020. According to government sources, the current Prime Minister is keen to deliver a system which can demonstrate the open attitude of the UK, and the fact that the country is willing to accept as many educated and talented people as possible.

However, while the Prime Minister wants to make the UK work permit more accessible to the right people, he also claims that he needs to deliver on what the country voted for, by keeping a lid on low-skilled migration numbers.