News Archive - January 2020

UK Businesses ‘Must Change Their Approach to Growth’ with New UK Visa Scheme

30 Jan 2020 | Carl Thomas

As questions about the government’s new strategy for UK work permits and the Global Talent scheme abound, the Home Secretary has advised UK companies to invest in more British employees.

Though Boris Johnson announced the arrival of new UK work permit solutions intended to help talented individuals enter the country after Brexit,

Priti Patel says that it’s going to be important for businesses to focus on the skills they have at home.

According to Patel, she will still be clamping down on low-skilled immigration, as many UK businesses are becoming too reliant on cheap labour from outside of the country. While UK visas may be growing more accessible for people with high levels of talent and innovation to offer, the government in the UK is still working on reducing the number of low-skilled immigrants that enter the country.

However, we’re still waiting for a full report from the Migration Advisory Committee, which will outline whether the minimum salary threshold for UK visas will be reduced or not. Ministers have already signaled that they may be willing to reduce or drop the threshold on the new immigration system, as business leaders are concerned that the cap could make it harder for the economy to grow in the UK.

The new rules around the UK work permit, and the changes to an Australian-style points system are expected to begin in 2021 – two years earlier than Theresa May Promised.

This means that whatever does happen with the UK work permit and opportunities for low-skilled migrant workers, employers and businesses will have less than a year to get prepared.

Despite concerns, Ms Patel confirmed this week that no employees would be exempt from new immigration rules once they were fully laid out after Brexit. Regardless of staff shortages, the UK will still be concentrating on attracting the brightest and the best, rather than potential employees from all environments.