News Archive - January 2020

New Immigration UK System Will Put People Before Passports

27 Jan 2020 | Carl Thomas

As we continue into the new year, and concerns about UK work permits and immigration strategies continue, the government of Boris Johnson has complained that the new strategy for immigration will now put people before passports. Johnson made this claim when speaking at the UK-Africa investment summit, where he said that immigration would become fairer, and begin to treat people the same wherever in the world they were coming from.

The government has said that once the freedom of movement between the UK and EU ends after Brexit, the UK will introduce an Australian-style points system. Under this system, those who want to work in the UK will be given points according to their skills and must-have talents. When speaking in London, Boris Johnson said that the new strategy will make the UK work permit and immigration system more equal.

Johnson also said that he would be working on making the country a “one-stop-shop” for the ambitious and growing international economy. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t a lot of information about what the skills-based system is going to look like, and how it will affect the state of things like the tier 2 work permit as we’ve come to know it. We don’t know at this stage of there is going to be a cap on the number of visas that are given to people from oversees.

Although the government has been asked to provide more information on what the UK work permit will look like going forward, and how the country will continue to attract new talent, there has been very little response.

On the plus side, the conservatives have said that they are working hard to put safeguards in place that will make UK visas and work permits more available to the people that are most needed in the UK, such as talented individuals who can support our healthcare sector and nursing environment.